Naomi Kashiwagi

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Künstler: Naomi Kashiwagi
Art/Genre: Konzert/Ausstellung
Anreiseort: Manchester/GB
Kurzbeschreibung: Naomi Kashiwagi is an award-winning artist, musician and creative producer based in Manchester, UK. Naomi has exhibited and performed across the UK and internationally. She produces visual art, sound works, music, installations and performances. Her work draws upon her dual heritage, an intrinsic fusion of two cultures, British and Japanese.
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live gramophone glitching, manually maintained looping and mechanical beat making and matching by playing re-appropriated 78rpm records on a wind-up gramophone.

reinvents the uses of obsolete mechanical musical hardware.

Gramophonics show the potential to transform sounds from a specific era (1920s-1950s) to sounds that sound post contemporaneous, like Detroit House Music and Ambient Techno.


Commissioned by Cornerhouse, Manchester for Playtime exhibition (22 Nov 2014 – 15 Mar 2015).

Swingtime is an installation that unlocks alternative ways of experiencing a gallery space and brings the outdoors indoors. Swingtime is fully realised when people interact with the work by swinging.

Having an installation of indoor swings have the potential to subvert gallery conventions and suspend the liminal and return to the everyday, but in an extra-ordinary way

ritual processes

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